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Live Without Boundaries in the Spectruth Metaverses

Making your dreams into your reality

There has never been a greater potential for cost effectively reaching everyone everywhere at all times.”
— Mikail Aslan

KIEV, UKRAINE, January 22, 2022 / -- Countless developers are working tirelessly to create new 3D virtual reality (“VR”) spaces for people to feel and experience a new version of the internet called Web 4.0 or more commonly the “metaverse.” The advancements in artificial intelligent algorithms, high speed internet, low-cost data storage, VR hardware, and VR development are increasing exponentially.

For instance, OWO, a virtual reality hardware manufacturer in Spain, recently announced their wearable vest that will simulate 30 different sensations while in virtual reality. People will use their vest with a headset and gloves to feel and experience what their avatars are doing in the virtual world. The technological breakthroughs done by OWO are admirable. However, many media outlets are focusing the vest’s possible use with sex robots and other mundane storylines to gain viewers but its potential for good is inspiring and being explored by metaverse developers like Spectruth.

Spectruth, a Ukrainian startup developer of 3D VR metaverses, is developing their metaverses to work with new VR hardware like OWO’s vest to optimize people’s VR experience as they work, play, socialize, date and learn. Mikail Aslan, Spectruth’s CEO envisions bringing a sense of normalcy back by making it possible for “grandmothers to experience their grandchildren’s hugs, the feeling of walking and running as someone is confined to a wheel chair, meeting people and making friends for anxiety sufferers, exploring new worlds without having to leave their apartment, calmness and reassurance as people attend familiar religious gatherings and ceremonies, the excitement as singles go on virtual dates, the adrenaline caused by attending a concert, or the thrill of learning new things at an Museum’s art exhibit.

Hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people have been confined and trapped for years due to pandemic reasons. While pandemic related restrictions may loosen, many believe current restrictions is the new normal. Mr. Aslan said, “people will feel free again and for the first time to safely interact with anyone anywhere at any time without politics or language barriers.”

Recent developments in automatic language translation AI software allows all communication to be automatically translated into the user’s native language whether written or spoken. In other words, a French speaking person will be able to speak with a Hindi person because both user’s headset will automatically translate their communication into their own language. A person from Argentina in the Spectruth’s virtual shopping mall and virtual kiosk hall will see all the signs and advertisements in Spanish automatically even though the signs could have originally been written in a hundred different languages.

Not since the story of the Tower of Babel in prehistory has the opportunity existed for a person to communicate with virtually anyone.
The potential for people to earn a living by reaching new clients anywhere has never been this great. For example, virtual kiosks in Spectruth’s Shopping Plaza may have a North Korean advertising their cooking recipe book, a Russian programmer offering their skills, an America student signing up students for English lessons, an Afghanistan woman selling her poems, or a Chinese orphan selling their NFTs, or a Colombian farmer selling their coffee beans directly.

To simplify transaction between hundreds of potential currencies and exchanges, people will use the native utility token Spectrue (STRUE) to make their transactions. Using STRUE will eliminate the high-costs associated with currency exchanges.

Spectruth is looking for people to join their Founder’s Club and participate bringing this vision into reality. STRUE is currently being offered as a gift for people joining the Founder’s Club. STRUE will be going into presale mid ’22 with its funds being used according to the White Papers to develop the various Spectruth metaverses: the Island, the Moonbase, and the Spirit World. Full token listing for STRUE is schedule in late ’22.

There has never been a greater potential for cost effectively reaching everyone everywhere at all times.

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